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About Us

O’Brien’s Outdoor Services began in April of 1986 as a family-owned landscape design, installation, and maintenance company. While working for TASC, a “think tank” organization in Reading, MA, Harold O’Brien worked evenings and weekends to establish his new landscaping company. He drove from job to job in the family car, a Chrysler LeBaron, with a Carmate trailer housing a 21-inch mower. Susan O’Brien handled the bookkeeping end of the business while raising their first-born and working part-time for an accountant from home.

Two years later, Harold left his full-time, full benefits with full pension position at TASC and jumped headfirst into the business. To cover medical insurance for his growing family, Harold worked the early morning shift at United Parcel Service, bringing his workday to a total of 18 hours. Soon thereafter, he hired a couple of colleagues from UPS to help with the growing list of jobs and customers. Their three children – Kathryn, Michael, and Andrew – became actively involved in the business. Even at a young age, they watered plants and weeded mulch beds. As the business – and family – grew, Harold and Susan realized it was time for their landscaping business to stand on its own. After nine years at UPS, Harold resigned and he and Susan poured all their energies into their enterprise.

The O'Brien family, March 1993

In April of 1999 O’Brien’s Outdoor Services was incorporated. This date marked a major development in the evolution of the company. Only ten years before, Harold and Susan owned a single dump truck and trailer, and business operations were based out of a single-car garage on an apartment lot. Services were confined to mowing and other forms of maintenance, such as pruning, weeding, and mulching. Following the incorporation of the company, more full-time employees were hired, more trucks and equipment were purchased, and business operations began to expand and flourish.

Today, O’Brien’s Outdoor Services has twelve full-time employees, eight trucks, and two Bobcats. It is a year-round operation offering not only landscaping services, but also plowing services. Through 30 years of hard work and dedicated customer service, O’Brien’s Outdoor Services has developed a solid reputation for quality, responsiveness, professionalism, and reliability in the Southern New Hampshire region.

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