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Pest Management

O'Brien's Outdoor Services, Inc. is certified in Shade and Ornamental Pest Control (G1), Turf (G2), and Right-of-Way and Commercial Weed and Brush Control (B). At O'Briens Outdoor Services, we are continually adding to our knowledge base by attending lectures, training, and interacting with experts in the field. CLICK HERE to see more of our certifications and training, or select any category. 

Fertilization and Lawn Care

Nothing looks fresher and more beautiful on a bright summer morning than a lush green lawn.  We offer the services that can get you that lawn as well as maintain it in great shape.  We know grass.  We have customized a lawn care program that has produced excellent results for our customers.  Please read about our program and the services that can provide you with a beautiful lawn now and tomorrow.

Pest and Tick Control


Ticks can transmit Lyme and other diseases.  They are most active early to late Spring and again in the Fall.  Ticks have increased due to more deer and residences in wooded landscapes.  Protect yourself through both cultural methods and our pest control program.

Poison Ivy and Weed (Vegetation) Control


We are licensed to provide weed control around your property for poison ivy.  We can offer methods for control of this prolific weed and other unwelcome plants that can cause rashes or personal injury, such as sumac or the ever present thorny wild raspberry. We are licensed to control many obnoxious weeds in your flower beds and other areas around your yard; especially the rapidly spreading invasive weeds that may be crowding out your perennials or native species on your property.

Ornamental Tree and Shrub Care


We are now licensed in the tree and shrub category.  This provides us with our third pesticide license and we can now expand our services to include bed weed control as well as insect and plant disease application and fertilization of trees and shrubs. We are now one of the few companies in the state that is licensed in three categories, lawn, right of way and commercial weed and brush control, and shade and ornamental pest control.

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