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Poison Ivy and Weed (Vegetation) Control

Plants that are not indigenous to our part of the country are rapidly gaining a foothold in our much beds, wood lines and wetlands. They are crowding out plants that you have personally installed or those that are naturally growing on your property. These invasive plants include Japanese Knotweed, Purple Loosestrife and Phragmites. Once they have established themselves they quickly spread and overtake everything in their way. These invasives are not the only problem plants that we encounter. Bittersweet chokes out shrubs and trees. The ever present thorny wild raspberry grows along our property edges scratching and cutting anything that wanders into its grasp. And of course poison ivy and other rash-inducing plants need no introduction. We can treat your wood lines, beds, stone walls and woodland paths to help eradicate poison ivy, invasives and other obnoxious weeds from your properties.

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